I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word.

- Emily Dickinson


I am Mel Blume, a copywriter who sells products, ideas and more through stellar storytelling (hence the whole "Once Upon a Blume" company name). I bring intangible things to life through evocative copy.


I provide copy for emails, websites, social media, print, in-store marketing, blogs and more. Also, my huge imagination enables me to write for some of the most powerful brands including The Walt Disney Company and Forbes.


I am both a left-brain and a right-brain thinker. This fusion of creativity and logic enables me to naturally speak to an array of audiences (from fashionistas to foodies to insurance clients and more).



Take command of the (insanely saturated) email scene. Increase email open rates, click-thru rates, conversion and overall sales with clear, concise, awesome copy that's uniquely tailored for your audience. 


Become the perfect blend of trustworthy best friend and experienced mentor without the know-it-all undertone. Guide and influence while maintaining your values and integrity. 


Get in the conversation, create your own can't-miss posts and master the art of the hashtag.


Have the concept, ideas, but need help getting it down on paper (or in Microsoft Word)? I'll capture the heart and soul of your story and help you share it with the world. 


Mel is an amazing writer/reporter - but just as important, she's got a quirky and unique editorial voice that leaves the reader nodding their head in recognition and amusement... She has a way of telling a story that draws the reader in. I've worked in public relations for several national television shows and as an editor and writer in the music industry and strongly recommend Melanie.

- Jim Kelly, Managing Director of PR Solutions

It was a pleasure working with Mel. Talented storyteller with a great personality. I highly recommend Mel for any team looking to take their project to infinity and beyond!

-Matthew Luhn, 20-Year Pixar Story Veteran 


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mel over the last 6 years. A true storyteller at heart, Mel paints a picture with words, while delivering a message. Her infectious personality and eternal optimism provide a collaborative work environment. Unwavering in her passion for the story and the words, Mel’s genuineness and loyalty provide reassurance to her team, colleagues and the business.

- Rich Medina, Senior Manager at Disney Consumer Products


Mel is such a gifted writer. When she wrote our brochure copy, she managed to say in just a few words what was in the heart of each of us who know and love the school. Every word was perfect. We are lucky to know her!

- Maureen McConnell, Board of Directors at Neighborhood Music School


Mel is an incredible Brand Ambassador. She not only helps to bring products to life thru her carefully crafted writing, but truly believes in the magic of storytelling. When taking on a new product launch or franchise, she does extensive research to understand the story and the voice in a way that a true fan would appreciate. Mel is also a great leader and mentor to her team, leading by example, supporting and providing guidance as needed. Mel would be a great asset to any company lucky enough to have her.

- Nancy Delgado, Senior Manager at Disney Consumer Products


Melanie's creative brain and writing was the perfect complement to our business at a critical point. She took our high-level brand positioning and helped to give it a voice. You can now find her copywriting fingerprint on our website and packaging. Many customers and people in the press applaud us for our branding and we owe Melanie a great thanks for the role she played in bringing it to life.

- John F. Lustyan, Founder of EDOUGHBLE


After just one meeting with Melanie, she built my story beautifully. She wrote the copy for my entire website. I would (in a heartbeat) recommend Melanie to anyone. She is an exceptional writer.

- Kim Houska, President of Houska Insurance Services, Inc.


Melanie is a truly talented writer with a passion for what she does. Not only does her creativity lead to outstanding results, but her understanding of how the written word impacts a business makes her extremely valuable. As if that weren't enough, she's also a pleasure to work with.

- Lisa Konen, Copywriting Manager at GUESS?


Mel Blume is a brilliant writer. Her ability to take our goals and love for the Neighborhood Music School, and put words to paper was truly beautiful. Everyone has loved it. She's an incredible talent.

- Megan Earhart, Board of Directors at Neighborhood Music School


Melanie is one of the rare professionals who possesses a mix of intelligence, drive, dedication to excellence (truly in everything she does), and attention to detail. It's a mix that will see her succeed no matter what she does. 

- Randy Rider, Senior Vice President at HUB International



About Me


Jersey-bred, LA-bound (from when I was about 11). I always hoped to use my imagination and love for the written word in my career; however, upon business school graduation, I found myself climbing the corporate ladder in NYC. And I wanted off.

Against the wishes of pretty much everyone I knew, I sold most of my clothes and headed for the West Coast. Now, over a decade later, I'm really grateful for my fearless twenty-something self (so are my husband and two kids). 

To jumpstart my writing career, I leveraged my knowledge in fashion and started a blog (I worked for Theory, Lord & Taylor, BCBG, Bloomingdale's). I soon held the title of Featured Fashion & Beauty Contributor for Yahoo! Shine. Simultaneously, I was a personal stylist and fashioned looks worn to the Grammy's, Academy Awards, Emmy's and ESPY's. I then ghostwrote a novel and soon after began writing for some of the most iconic global brands including Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, GUESS and Marciano.

Along with writing and fashion, I love, love, love traveling and exploring new places. From the UK to Uruguay, Russia, Turkey and more, I've discovered parts of the Earth that truly changed me as a person... and as a writer. 




Let's Work Together


Interested in establishing your brand voice, or taking it to the next level of awesome? Email me and I'll send you a brief questionnaire and a rate range upon request.